La Mulinella Camere

Surrounded by Amiternina Valley, b & b Villa La Mulinella Camere is located on Via del Cantarello, between Via della Mulinella, and Via Federico Caffè, in Preturo. It is about 6 km from L’Aquila, close to various Faculties and to the school of Guardia di Finanza, near San Salvatore hospital and Parks Airport, not far from the ancient Sabine city of Amiternum and from Villa Letizia private hospital.

The structure takes its name from the area where there was a mill activated by the collection of clear water coming from the melting snow that create a lot of small springs.

The snow-clad tops of the mountains, that surround Amiternina Valley, make the land below even brighter. The air is clear, pure, cool, especially early in the morning and in the evening. It is the air of our villages with an antique taste, those villages that still evolve with new structures in response to new requirements for those who need to move for several reasons.

The new bed and breakfast Villa La Mulinella Camere is framed in this context, located in a central position to let reach easily many points of interest that will gladden your stay. With bright, tidy and welcoming rooms, our b & b will pamper you to make your travel carefree and relaxing…


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